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We are a ladies choir, joining women and communities together in song. If you love to sing or have never sung, Song Circle will welcome you with open arms

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What we do

Song circle was started by Anna Winton Mills for all ladies who want to learn to sing, no matter their ability or level of knowledge. We aim to give all women the opportunity to sing, be part of a community and share their love of music.

There is no audition and no musical knowledge is needed.

Our choir is all about fun, friendship, support and a love of music

How we do it

Anna believes that everyone can sing. This means that everyone in the choir is equal... from the least experienced singer to the most experienced, from the longest serving member to the newest recruit. For this reason Anna always teaches in a circle. This ensures that all choir members get equal attention.

We have seven rehearsals across Suffolk each week and members can attend as many as they like. Choir members can sometimes also work on their individual parts using the online lessons that are provided in the members-only part of this website.

At the end of each term, we hold a concert with the whole choir in a large church with a professional sound system and lighting. We encourage you to bring friends and family along to hear how we're all doing!

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Who we are

Song Circle is a community of over 100 singers from all sorts of backgrounds with all sorts of different levels of experience.

We are led by Anna Winton Mills who founded Song Circle.

Anna is a professional singer, musician and teacher with more than four decades of experience

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