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We'll see you once again in September. Details of the next term can be found on the rehearsals page, just click here...

Song Circle Summer Concert 2024

St Peter and St Paul, Lavenham

Huge Congratulations to everyone who took part in the summer concert at the weekend. The choir has never sounded so good! 

We have a lovely recording of the very moving and beautifully controlled performance that you gave. We hope to be able to share this with you next term. But for now we're taking a break.

It just remains for us to say thank you not only to all those who performed (especially our soloists: Jasmine, Gemma and Ruth), but the technical team, the 'roadies' who helped get everything into and out of the church, the front of house team who sold tickets and of course the valiant ladies who made cake and everyone who helped dish it out!

We're extremely grateful to Gemma for all the support she provided to choir members in the build-up to the concert.

Finally a huge thank you to everyone at St Peter and St Paul, Lavenham who made us feel so welcome.


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